Data & AI

Delivering Results with Microsoft Technologies

We help provide a total transformation of your company by delivering results for your organization through four key technical solution areas:

  • We transform how you sell through total customer engagement from lead to loyalty
  • We transform what you sell through Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics and AI
  • We transform how you work together and create a modern digital workplace
  • We transform how you operate and make it more efficient through applications & data driven operations

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we speak the language of business results and focus on providing them for your company. We are backed by years of knowledge and experience in the latest Microsoft® systems and solutions. By working together with you and your team, NuSoft ignites a transformation that advances your ability to sell, communicate, collaborate, and operate at peak efficiency.



Solution Studios


Solution Studios provides multiple programs that help solve business challenges and digitally transforming the future which are powered by Microsoft solutions. NuSoft Solutions will listen and understand your business opportunities and challenges and find a solution that would work best for you. Our skilled consultants will help you adjust to the best practices of digital transformation through different technologies such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.

Strategic Solutions:

Knowledge Management, Digital Workplace, Content Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Listening Post

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Tactical Solutions:

Microsoft 365 Readiness, Advanced Workflow and Modern Forms

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Solution Studio

Knowledge Management

Information Overload. Do you need your departments and teams to have access to the same business documents or data? Who has the latest version of these documents?

Strategic Solution: Explore our Knowledge Management solution

Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions
Digital Workplace

How is your company Intranet adding value? Can you access the intranet from any device? Do you consider the intranet a repository for all things to drive consistency across your business?

Strategic Solution: Explore our Digital Workplace solution

Content Intelligence

Are you running your business from too many spreadsheets? Do you have visibility from all of your data from all of your applications? Are you utilizing your data to drive positive business results?

Strategic Solution: Explore our Content Intelligence solution

Artificial Intelligence

Would you see value in deeper insights in to all aspects of your business? Do you have expensive people doing data analysis every day? How could you better utilize your subject matter experts?

Strategic Solution: Explore our Artificial Intelligence solution

Microsoft 365 Readiness

Is your environment ready to deploy M365? You are adopting the cloud, but are you getting the performance you expected?

Tactical Solution: Explore our Microsoft 365 Readiness solution

Advanced Workflow

Are you relying on your email system to deliver your company information? Is your IT department able to service your workflow and automation needs in a timely manner?

Tactical Solution: Explore our Advanced Workflow solution

Custom Application Development
Modern Forms

Are you using 3rd party forms throughout your business? Can you access your forms from all devices? What value would you bring to your business to create your own forms?

Tactical Solution: Explore our Modern Forms solution

Listening Post

Do you see value in learning what your employee's really think? Do you want to boost employee engagement, improve meaningful work, and harness employee productivity?

Strategic Solution: Explore our Listening Post solution