Content Intelligence

Allow Systems to Analyze your Content



Content Intelligence is the combination of semantic technology and information science. It allows machines to model, interpret, describe, analyze, and visualize the content of the enterprise, in order to leverage the human intelligence locked in that content. It will allow you to apply and manage a common taxonomy across all data sources.

alerts-crm for m&a

Strategically focus on people who are interested in your product.

crm for M&A connected

Stand out from others to allow yourselves to personify your relationships with your customers.

crm for M&A intergrations

Have all the content you need to keep yourself up-to-date and show clients you understand all the content necessary.

Product Features:

    • Build relationships with customers based on their interest
    • Stay connected and personify conversations with customers
    • Track how prospects are engaging with your content
    • Understand everything you need to know about any content
    • Learn based on what performed well in the past.
    • See your audience’s insight to learn what they are interested in

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