Is it Time to get Off the Bench and Unify Your Sales and Marketing Teams?

Unify Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Is it Time to get Off the Bench and Unify Your Sales and Marketing Teams?

Businesses who have struggled to successfully convert leads to loyal customers usually have a disconnect between their sales and marketing team. Often, the amount of information that is handed off between the two departments gets lost, is updated incorrectly, or is unavailable to the sales and marketing staff who need it. This disconnect goes further than just customer data however. Lack of communication between sales and marketing can result in lost leads and wasted man hours.

Quick Stats about Aligning Sales and Marketing:

  • 65% of sales reps can’t find the appropriate content to send to a lead (Source)
  • 60-70% of the content created by Business to Business companies is never utilized (Source)
  • Employee’s on average spend 1.8 hours each day searching for information (Source)
  • Lack of alignment between sales and marketing technologies cost B2B companies 10% or more each year in revenue (Source)

Sales and marketing alignment isn’t all doom and gloom however. Industry leaders who invest in solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 see quality lead generation, increased sales, and greater visibility of their data.

  • B2B companies who successfully align sales and marketing achieved 24% faster revenue growth (Source)
  • Joint Planning by Sales and Marketing increases closure of Marketing Qualified Leads by 56% (Source)
  • 74% of CRM users stated they have improved access to customer data through use of their CRM solution (Source)
  • 80% of businesses that utilize CRM solutions with marketing automation software see an increase in leads, and 77% saw an increase in the number of conversions (Source)

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