Drive Sales & Improve Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Small and Medium Businesses

Drive Sales-Improve Productivity-Microsoft Dynamics 365

Drive Sales & Improve Productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Small and Medium Businesses

For small to medium size businesses (SMB), the statistics for success can often be discouraging. With so many resources and information available to foster success, why in 2016 are roughly 50% of small businesses failing in the first four years? (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Scouring the internet for answers, you’ll find some common trends are a lack of cash flow, growing revenue, proper staffing, etc.

Currently, less than 30% of Small businesses use some version of customer relationship management software (State of Small Business Report). This is alarming when you put into context just some of the benefits that a small business can leverage utilizing this type of software.

  • How does your sales staff manage leads and the opportunities that are qualified by their efforts?
  • How quickly are you able to follow up on a lead?
  • What metrics are you utilizing to determine whether an opportunity is worth pursing and how the team should approach that account?
  • How are your relationships being managed?
  • Who are your most profitable clients?

As a small business, these are questions that you want answered. For those small to medium size businesses that see a need and believe in the adage “work smarter not harder”, Atrio has worked with Microsoft to create an offering to take advantage of these discounted rates.

  • Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise edition*: $40/user/month, maximum of 25 users.
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service, Enterprise edition*: $65/user/month, maximum of 50 users.
  • Dynamics 365 for Team Members, Enterprise edition*: $5/user/month, maximum of 150 users.

Atrio has created a Rapid Application Accelerator that will allow New SMB customers to be up and running within 4 to 6 weeks. Utilizing Atrio’s prebuilt configurations, hundreds of implementation hours are saved by reducing time spent on manual tasks and improved user adoption. If you are a small business looking for more information on taking advantage of Microsoft’s discounted rates or want to learn more about Atrio’s Rapid Application Accelerator, please fill out the below form and one of our representatives will contact you.

*Microsoft will only be offering these prices until June 30, 2017 or the public availability of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business Edition. Those SMB customers who take advantage of the discounted pricing can renew their annual subscriptions for up to three years through December 1st, 2019.