Atrio Systems Announces Rebranding to NuSoft Solutions

Atrio Systems Announces Rebranding to NuSoft Solutions

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI – Atrio Systems, the Bloomfield Hills-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting firm, has announced it will be rebranding as NuSoft Solutions effective immediately. The change follows two strategic acquisitions the company recently completed that will accommodate its continued rapid growth and expand the range of services provided to its clients.


The naming rights for NuSoft Solutions were included in the Microsoft practice acquisition from RCM Technologies (Nasdaq: RCMT) on January 1, 2018.


Atrio has experienced 50% year-over-year growth for the past several years and currently employees over 40 people in Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. As Nusoft, the company expects its aggressive growth to continue as changing business needs accelerate the adoption of cloud services and next-gen technologies, including IoT and AI.


“Technology has never played a more important role than now for businesses of all sizes. We’ve listened to our customers who have continued to ask for a single trusted partner that can not only listen and deeply understand the business challenges they’re facing but also have the depth of knowledge and capabilities to help them achieve their digital transformation goals,” says NuSoft Managing Partner Brian Demoe. “With the strategic acquisitions and hires we’ve made over the past few months, we believe rebranding under NuSoft Solutions will allow current and future clients to view us as a complete digital business consultancy.”


With the expansion, NuSoft will grow its portfolio of services to include Microsoft Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows 10 Enterprise, Power BI, and Microsoft Azure. Within Microsoft Azure, it will consist of the cloud infrastructure components (e.g. Compute, Network, Storage, Backup & DR) as well as next-gen technologies, including IoT, AI and machine learning. The portfolio also includes custom application development in customer’s on-premise environments and in Microsoft Azure.


“We feel like there is an incredible opportunity to work with our customers as the market demands businesses invest in these new set of digital capabilities,” says NuSoft Managing Partner Dale Mansour. “Our team has been working hard to show that we’re technically competent in all these technologies by increasing our number of Microsoft Gold and Silver competencies from 1 to 6 in only 3 months. We expect to earn an additional 2 competencies in the next few weeks.”


While Atrio has historically focused on business outcomes as a Microsoft Dynamics partner, NuSoft plans to differentiate from other Microsoft partners by providing business consulting first and then delivering digital solutions powered by the right mix of Microsoft cloud services.


“As we engage with our customers, they’ve indicated to us that they’re not looking for just a solution provider or strategic partner,” says NuSoft Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Jason Wickman. “They’ve made it clear that they’re looking for us to deliver game-changing value and to act as an innovative anticipator. They expect us to help drive new business opportunities that have real impact to their bottom line. That’s exactly what we’re going to do under the NuSoft brand.”


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