Most of my clients understand the steps in the Data/AI process: Resolve, Validate and Deduplicate. But when it comes to enrichment, most cannot comprehend the immense possibilities--in fact, they usually don’t think they need it at all. Hogwash. When I encounter resistance to the modern advancements available regarding enrichment, I encourage my teams to think like an ancient Egyptian. Ancient Egyptians looked at a patch of barren, desolate desert, and...

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10 Things Digital Transformation Leaders Do

In a new MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte University Press report, Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Focus, nearly 90% of more than 3,700 business executives, managers and analysts from around the globe say they anticipate their industries will be moderately or greatly disrupted by digital trends. Less than half, however (44%), believe their organization is adequately preparing for this digital disruption. Waiting to see...

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