Professional Services

Reimagine Customer Engagement &
The Customer Experience


Utilizing Microsoft-based solutions, NuSoft provides professional service organizations the ability to reimagine customer engagement and the customer experience. With Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions, we can optimize your workflow processes, improve service delivery, enhance product development, and empower your employees.


With accessible streams of data, insights, and intelligence, the only limit to how you can maximize business impact is creativity.

professional services

Customer Case Study

A non-profit community rehabilitation organization chose the NuSoft Solutions (formerly Atrio) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to continue to exceed the expectations and demands of its client base, which included a 24×7 call center with 500 employees that serviced over 35,000 calls each day. The organization provided an array of manufacturing and professional services and was committed to improving the lives of a diverse workforce. Already Microsoft CRM users, the organization recognized that it required additional functionality and features to accomplish its goals.


NuSoft’s CRM team implemented third-party integrations to interface with a highly protected government agency and to comply with complex regulations. With the upgrade, NuSoft also implemented test-to-fail procedures and disaster recovery protocols. The integration has made it possible for the organization to continue to deliver on their goals of quality, diversity, and performance.