Life Sciences

Comprehensive Digital Transformation for Life Sciences Companies


Executing true digital transformation can be difficult for any type of organization, but it is particularly challenging for life sciences companies. The “average” life sciences company of today faces technical, regulatory, and cultural barriers that stand in the way of the transformation journey.


NuSoft Solutions understands that for life science companies, innovation isn’t a choice. Patients, business customers, and distributors rely on easy and rapid access to life changing products and information. We can help ensure that, in the face of ongoing change, your business never loses focus on what matters most.


We use Microsoft technologies to optimize and digitize every component of your business, so you can remain a highly efficient and highly profitable organization. With Microsoft cloud-based solutions, life science companies can better respond to the needs of their customers by letting employees dedicate their time to building and iterating solutions.

life sciences

Customer Case Study

A leading life-sciences manufacturer of cellular replacement therapies dedicated to improving the lives of patients with severe diseases and conditions needed the ability to respond quickly and accurately to the needs of a complex network of physicians, patients, and insurers. Working with NuSoft Solutions (formerly Atrio), this client integrated five decentralized systems to help manage client and stakeholder needs.


The NuSoft CRM team created a common platform that was accessible at all levels of the organization. The new platform provided executives, sales, and service teams a 360-degree view of the sales cycle, complete with detailed and accurate business intelligence for informed decision making.

Key Successes


  • The CEO now has easy access to the company’s expansive data. NuSoft was able to meet the highly specific and regulated reporting requirements in a simple, real-time dashboard.
  • The sales team now has access to a consolidated platform, which allows them to nurture and grow the existing customer base, leading to an increase in sales and improved user experience.