NuSoft Solutions Is Back

Relaunched, reimagined and ready to disrupt the market

Meet the Premier Microsoft Gold Partner… Again!

Embrace the future with a company that has been resurrected from the past

Nostalgia can bring you back to a time when quality wasn’t compromised and long-term relationships ruled the world of business. When it comes to the realm of Microsoft solutions, the NuSoft brand created a trifecta of those nostalgic feelings with past customers, previous employees and those Microsoft folks that had worked with NuSoft. NuSoft was known as one of the leading premier Microsoft consulting firms in the world and boasted a list of prestigious accolades, including the distinction of being recognized by Microsoft as one of the top six custom developers in the world.

From its inception in 1994, Dale Mansour lead NuSoft and its team of top consultants until he sold the highly profitable and respected company to RCM Technologies in 2008. Now, 10 years after NuSoft was sold, Atrio Systems purchased the rights to RCM’s Microsoft practice and the NuSoft brand. Dale has joined the Atrio’s ownership group, so he could once again share his talent and passion to lead the nation’s best Microsoft-certified consultants. Many of his old team members have joined him and the Microsoft offices are buzzing with excitement at the return of NuSoft.

NuSoft is back and better than ever. Combined with Atrio Systems, a leading Dynamics 365 practice founded in 2001, NuSoft is now able to deliver true Digital Transformation consulting services across Microsoft cloud offerings, namely: Office 365, Azure and Dynamics365.

NuSoft has the proven leadership of Dale Mansour, the technical talent, and the Microsoft support and experience to create and implement high-quality Microsoft-based solutions that will provide your company with a total transformation on how you sell, what you sell, how you work together, and how you operate.

Why NuSoft?

We take the time to fully understand your business and its needs before we begin any implementation. Our consultants bridge the gap between business and IT. Both groups work well with NuSoft and appreciate our ability to translate requirements issues between the groups.

    • Our Focus – NuSoft is 100% focused on Microsoft Solutions. We are not distracted by competing technologies.
    • Our Experience with Microsoft Technologies – NuSoft is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We speak the language of business results and focus on providing them for your company. We are backed by years of knowledge and experience in the latest Microsoft systems and solutions. We remain as a trusted advisor to our existing customers both here in the U.S. and abroad.
    • Our Streamlined Implementation Approach – Based on our years of experience, we have developed a streamlined implementation methodology.
    • Our Mentoring and Training Philosophy – NuSoft’s goal is to make our customers self-sufficient with the Microsoft Solutions we implement. Weaved throughout our implementation process is the opportunity to be mentored by our staff. With end-user training, our goal is to teach effective “habits.” We focus on “how people should use the system,” as opposed to just teaching features and functions.

NuSoft Truisms & Values

Rules: Meet or exceed client expectations…always!


Our Values

    • Our goal is to be an organization of high integrity providing quality solutions. Project quality shall rein over immediate profits.
    • Resourcefulness beats resources . . . every time.
    • We hire intelligent people who are expected to contribute and make important decisions on an on-going basis.
    • Results rein over effort.
    • We are committed to finding and delivering solutions to our clients, internal and external. Inaction is unacceptable; we must take managed risks to solve problems.
    • Respect and integrity for individuals. Each team member is responsible for providing prompt assistance to a member in need.
    • Open and honest communications. We must always work with the facts, bad or good.
    • We are members of our community. We invest in our community for our mutual prosperity.

Our Locations

NuSoft_Michigan Office HQ

NuSoft HQ – Bloomfield Hills, MI

NuSoft Nashville Office

NuSoft Office – Nashville, TN